They Say/I Say, 2nd Edition

They Say/I Say, 2nd Edition
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Advanced Placement; English and Media Studies

The best-selling text/reader on academic writing.

They Say / I Say demystifies academic writing by identifying its key rhetorical moves, the most important of which is to summarize what others have said ("they say") to set up one's own argument ("I say"). The book also provides templates to help students make these key moves in their own writing. This version includes readings that demonstrate those moves—and provide stimulating conversations for them to enter. The Second Edition includes an anthology of 44 readings that will provoke students to think—and write—about five important issues, including two new ones: Is Higher Education Worth the Price? and Why Does It Matter Who Wins the Big Game?

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Preface: Demystifying Academic Conversation

Introduction: Entering the Conversation

Part 1: "They Say"

  • Chapter 1. "They Say": Starting with What Others Are Saying
  • Chapter 2. "Her Point Is": The Art of Summarizing
  • Chapter 3. "As He Himself Puts It": The Art of Quoting

Part 2: "I Say"

  • Chapter 4. "Yes / No / Okay, But": Three Ways to Respond
  • Chapter 5. "And Yet": Distinguishing What You Say from What They Say
  • Chapter 6. "Skeptics May Object ": Planting a Naysayer in Your Text
  • Chapter 7. "So What? Who Cares?": Saying Why It Matters

Part 3: Tying It All Together

  • Chapter 8. "As A Result": Connecting the Parts
  • Chapter 9. "Ain't So / Is Not": Academic Writing Doesn't Mean Setting Aside Your Own Voice
  • Chapter 10. "But Don't Get Me Wrong": The Art of Metacommentary

Part 4: Entering the Conversation

  • Chapter 11. "I Take Your Point": Entering Class Discussions
  • Chapter 12. "What's Motivating This Writer?": Reading for the Conversation
  • Chapter 13. "Analyze This": Writing in the Social Sciences

Part 5: Readings

  • Chapter 14. Is Higher Education Worth the Price??
    • ANDREW HACKER AND CLAUDIA DREIFUS, Are Colleges Worth the Price of Admission?
    • SANFORD J. UNGAR, The New Liberal Arts
    • DAVID FOSTER WALLACE, Kenyon Commencement Speech
    • LIZ ADDISON, Two Years Are Better Than Four
    • KEVIN CAREY, Why Do You Think They're Called For-Profit Colleges?
    • CHARLES MURRAY, Are Too Many People Going to College?
    • MIKE ROSE, Blue-Collar Brilliance
    • ROBIN WILSON, A Lifetime of Student Debt? Not Likely

  • Chapter 15. Is Pop Culture Actually Good For You?
    • STEVEN JOHNSON, Watching TV Makes You Smarter
    • DANA STEVENS, Thinking Outside the Idiot Box
    • ANTONIA PEACOCKE, Family Guy and Freud
    • MALCOLM GLADWELL, Small Change: Why the Revolution Will Not Be Tweeted
    • DENNIS BARON, Reforming Egypt in 140 Characters?
    • DAVID CRYSTAL, 2B or Not 2B?
    • ROZ CHAST, The I.M.s of Romeo and Juliet
    • TOM BISSELL, Extra Lives: Why Video Games Matter
    • JASON ZINSER, The Good, the Bad, and The Daily Show
    • GERALD GRAFF, Hidden Intellectualism

  • Chapter 16. Is Fast Food the New Tobacco?
    • DAVID ZINCZENKO, Don't Blame the Eater
    • RADLEY BALKO, What You Eat Is Your Business
    • JUDITH WARNER, Junking Junk Food
    • WIL HAYGOOD, Kentucky Town of Manchester Illustrates National Obesity Crisis
    • MICHELLE OBAMA, Remarks to the NAACP National Convention
    • MICHAEL POLLAN, Escape from the Western Diet
    • MARY MAXFIELD, Food as Thought: Resisting the Moralization of Eating
    • SUSIE ORBACH, Fat Is a Feminist Issue
    • CARRIE PACKWOOD FREEMAN AND DEBRA MERSKIN, Having It His Way: The Construction of Masculinity in Fast-Food TV Advertising

  • Chapter 17. Why Does It Matter Who Wins the Big Game?
    • MAYA ANGELOU, Champion of the World
    • WILFRID SHEED, Why Sports Matter
    • MICHAEL KIMMELMAN, Women Who Hit Very Hard and How They've Changed Tennis
    • JENNIE YABROFF, In Defense of Cheering
    • FELISA ROGERS, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Football
    • SARA MARATTA, Move Over Boys, Make Room in the Crease
    • WILLIAM MOLLER, We, the Public, Place the Best Athletes on Pedestals
    • JOE POSNANSKI, Cheating and CHEATING

  • Chapter 18. What's Up With the American Dream?
    • BOB HERBERT, Hiding from Reality
    • CAL THOMAS, Is the American Dream Over?
    • BRANDON KING, American Dream: Dead, Alive, or on Hold?
    • ROBERT H. FRANK, Income Inequality: Too Big to Ignore
    • PAUL KRUGMAN, Confronting Inequality
    • KAREN OLSSON, Up Against Wal-Mart
    • SEBASTIAN MALLABY, Progressive Wal-Mart. Really.
    • CONSTANCE M. RUZICH AND A. J. GRANT, Predatory Lending and the Devouring of the American Dream
    • BARACK OBAMA, A More Perfect Union
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