Enforcing Federal Statutes

Enforcing Federal Statutes
Emond Publishing
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July 2002
Criminal Law and Procedure; Policing, Security, and First Responders

Enforcing Federal Statutes is an important addition to our Police Foundations and Law and Security Administration series. Author Nora Rock is a lawyer and the author of several other texts in this series. The principal advantage of Enforcing Federal Statutes is its law enforcement perspective. Statutory provisions and regulations discussed were specifically selected for their relevance to the law enforcement context. This text makes complex federal statutes accessible to students within the time constraints and reading requirements of a community college or undergraduate university course.

  • Written in clear, concise language
  • Provides a theoretical and legislative foundation in the areas of controlled substances and weapons legislation in law enforcement, as well as a comprehensive introduction to other federally regulated areas such as copyright
  • Issues and challenges encountered when enforcing these statutes are introduced and students are encouraged to explore practical solutions to these problems
  • Chapters are supported by both group and individual exercises. Many exercises require students to look for solutions beyond the specific chapter content
  • A glossary of terms reinforces concepts and supports student mastery of new, context-specific vocabulary
  • Provides references as well as links to related websites
  • Photographs of weapons heighten students’ identification abilities
  • Instructor's Resources: A CD-ROM copy of the book with answer key is provided to all instructors who adopt the text

Part I: Introduction to Federal Legislative Jurisdiction

  • Chapter 1: The Constitution, the Courts, and Federal Statutes

Part II: Controlled Drugs and Substances

  • Chapter 2: Police Forces and Federal Statutes: Special Forces, Special Powers
  • Chapter 3: Introduction to the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act
  • Chapter 4: CDSA Scheduled Substances: Classification and Identification
  • Chapter 5: Offences Under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act
  • Chapter 6: Issues in the Investigation of Drug Offences

Part III: Weapons Offences

  • Chapter 7: Introduction to Weapon Offences in Canada
  • Chapter 8: The Firearms Act: Licensing and Registration of Firearms in Canada; Regulatory Offences, and the Regulation of Police Firearms
  • Chapter 9: Weapons Offences Under the Criminal Code

Part IV: Other Federal Statutes and Preparing the Crown Brief

  • Chapter 10: Other Federal Statutes: The Copyright Act, the Immigration Act, and the Anti-Terrorist Act; and Preparing the Crown Brief in a Federal Case

Appendix A: Controlled Drugs and Substances Regulations
Appendix B: Firearms Act
Appendix C: Selected Firearms Regulations
Appendix D: Court Brief Checklist



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